Praying For Zimbabwe

Daily Dose: Praying for Zimbabwe: God is gracious, He hears us when we pray. It is a privilege and joy to be given that grace to pray for others. It is profitable to ourselves when we sacrifice our time out of love and pray for others. Today let us agree in prayer wherever we are and pray for Zimbabwe. Moses and Abraham were men of prayer, they prayed for others and God heard them. God bless you. ~TG. 1 Samuel 12 v 18 – 25; Exodus 33 v 11 – 17; Genesis 18 v 16 – 33; James 5 v 13 – 20 and Matthew 18 v 18 – 20 #GodBlessZimbabwe #Peace #Love #Mercy #Restoration #Restitution #Provision #Healing #Protection #Rescue #Conviction #Repentance #FearOfGod #Intercede

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