It Takes Few Seconds

Daily Dose: It Takes Few Seconds:
Signing a document takes only seconds but the authority it carries, causes a great impact that can last forever.
It takes few seconds to sign your way up the hill or down the hill. Your signature, your words and actions are so significant, they are your stamp that authorises certain people to act the way they act and for some situations to happen not only in your life but others too. There are people who have ended up in big trouble because they signed documents without paying attention to detail, or they opened up and shared deep secrets to the wrong people. It’s important to check everything before we say something, consent, act or sign ourselves into any deals etc. Judges 16 v 15 – 21; James 1 v 12 – 21; Proverbs 1 v 7 – 19

moveinwisdom #bewatchful #prayaboutitfirst #responsible #dontbepushed #standyourground #Borntoshine ~TG

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