May His Face Shine On You:

Daily Dose: May His Face Shine On You: Looking at this beautiful cake, we might not even think or imagine the whole process that took place for us to even talk about it. There was mixing,  kneading,  pressing, before it was put in the heat. Most of the successful people we see today, and are envious about, we don’t even know the difficulties and the pain they went through to be where they are today. God fought their battles, so let them flourish and enjoy their blessings. ~TG. Psalm 124 v 1-8; Psalm 125 v 1-5; Numbers 6 v 22-27 and Psalm 126 v 1-6.#ItIsNotEasy #Resilience #Victory #InThePressing #InTheCrushing #NeverGiveUp #YouWillComeOut #AtTimesYouHaveToGoThroughIt #LivingTestimony #WinSouls #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine 

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