Showers of Blessings:

Daily Dose: Showers of Blessings: I decree and declare uncommon favour over your life in Jesus name. Divine health, divine helpers, divine connections, divine wisdom, divine provision is your portion in Jesus name. Partake of it with a grateful heart unto the Lord. To God be His glory. Amen. ~TG. Psalm 23 v 1-6; 3 John 1 v 2; Ezekiel 34 v 25-31; Deuteronomy 28 v 1-14 and 2 Peter 1 v 1-21. #SpeakLife #DeclareIt #BelieveIt #Shalom #Testify #IAmBlessedBeyondMeasure #WinSouls #SeasinOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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