Be Strong:

Daily Dose: Be Strong: As we read from Isaiah 8 v 10 which says: “Take counsel together [against Judah], but it will come to nothing; Speak the word, but it will not stand, For God is with us (Immanuel).” We are reminded not to worry about anything. It does not matter how many people gather against you, they will only gather in order to scatter. There’s a hedge of protection around you and the Greater One (Jesus) lives inside of you. He will fight all your battles. When people talk against you, behind your back, do not let that affect you. The fact that it’s said behind you, it’s not for you to turn your back, just keep moving forward and leave what’s behind.~TG. Isaiah 54 v 17; Jeremiah 1 v 19; Isaiah 43 v 1-7; Proverbs 28 v 1 and Isaiah 41 v 8-16 #FearNot #BeAtPeace # #TheBattleBelongsToGod #WinSouls #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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