God Fights for You:

Daily Dose: God Fights For You: Parents are more alert and protective of their own children when they sense danger. They hold their children tightly close, so that the enemy will not snatch or harm their children. Whoever fights you, will be disappointed because your Father in heaven protects you from their arrows. He uses them as the stepping ladder for your success. Fear not, you are heavily defended and surrounded by the heavenly army. Your enemy is fighting a losing battle. Be joyous and enjoy your blessings. ~TG. Psalm 91; Romans 8 v 31-39; 1 John 4 v 4 and Psalm 17 v 8. #PeaceBeStill #TheStormIsOver #Dance #Win #TakeOver #TheBattleBelongsToGod #Shine #Laugh #DoNotGiveTheDevilSpace #PraiseGod #SilenceTheEnemyWithYourSuccess #WinSouls #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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