Believe What God Says:

Daily Dose: Believe What God Says: How far do we go in faith when faced with challenges? It’s easy to claim our faith, when everything is rosy but when we get pricked, we easily give up and stagger in faith. As you reach out to pick the roses from a garden, remember there are thorns close by, therefore you have to prepare and focus more on God’s promises as you navigate your way without giving up. Our faith goes beyond any boundaries, because of the Word of God, that gives us the wings to fly to the other side. Believe in the Lord Your God. ~TG. 2 Chronicles 20 v 20; Psalm 27 v 13-14; Isaiah 55 v 11; Romans 8 v 23 and John 6 v 63 #TheTruth #GodIsWithYou #HeIsFaithful #TrustInHim #HisWord #HisPromisesAreYes #Amen #WalkByFaithNotBySight #Faith #TheJustShallLiveByFaith #WinSouls #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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