God Has The Final Say:

Daily Dose: God Has The Final Say: As much as we want a Yes answer from God, at times His No is the very best answer for us in that season. When we are desperately in need of something at times we push God and we put a Yes in His mouth. To avoid frustrations, stress, and disobedience let us allow God to conclude our prayers with answers that are safe and perfect for us. Hallelujah! When Jesus says YES nobody can say No and when He says No, nobody can say Yes. He has the final say. ~TG. Luke 11 v 1 – 13; Isaiah 40 v 31; Isaiah 41 v 21; Psalm 62 v 1-12; Psalm 40 v 1-17; Jeremiah 33 v 1-2 and Psalm 27 v 14. #GodIsFaithful #GodHasAPlan #LetGodLeadYou #LetGodBeGod #TrustHisVoice #WaitOnTheLord #GiveHimTime #WinSouls #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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