Well Nourished and Hydrated:

Daily Dose: Well Nourished and Hydrated: Plants dry up quickly if neglected. During summer, in hot weather, we need to do more and constantly, check our gardens, remove weeds, prune, spray antipesticides and water the plants, so that they grow well and not wither. We are like a garden that needs attention and care as well. There’s so much heat going on in people’s lives and if you do not nourish and hydrate yourself with the Word of God, you will dry up. Remain plugged in the river, that won’t run dry; the river of revival, wisdom, salvation, strength, power, hope, healing, abundance of life. ~TG. John 4 v 7-16; John 6 v 27-20; Isaiah 58 v 11-12 and John 7 v 37-38. #WalkInFaith #MoreWord #DwellInThePresenceOfGod #ItIsWell #WinSouls #SeasonOdPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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