No Words To Slander:

Daily Dose: No Words To Slander: When Paul and Silas were in the prison, they did not gather to slander their persecutors, they did not give themselves to gossip. They focused on praising God who had the power over their enemy. Our gatherings, messaging, conversations should be for good, peace, building up and advancing the gospel. Do not be troubled by those who deceive, hate, persecute or accuse you without a substance to hold and witness against you. There’s nothing hidden before God, He keeps a watch over you. Keep praying and praising, do not retaliate, do not slander. God will answer and fight for you. A time will come ~TG. Psalm 34 v 1 – 3; ACTS 16 v 23 – 26; Psalm 150 v 6; John 4 v 23 – 24; ACTS 2 v 46 – 47 and James 3 v 1 – 18. #PeaceMaker #LookToJesus #Forgive #TheyDoNotKnowWhatTheyAreDoing #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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