Gentle Spirit:

Daily Dose: Gentle Spirit: Shake a bottle of coca cola, it becomes more fizzy, erupts and spills over but when you shake a bottle of water, the water does not change, it remains calm. What do we learn from these two liquids? When we are poked, accused, misunderstood, provoked, how do we react? At times we want to react instantly and erupt like a volcano and say whatever ‘things’ that come out of our mouth without putting any thoughts to it. Spoken words are different from something written on a chalkboard. Once you release your words that’s it. Walking away does not mean you are a coward, remaining silent does not mean you are a fool. Be wise. ~TG. 1 Peter 3 v 1 – 20; Matthew 18 v 1 – 22; Matthew 21 v 15 – 16; James 1 v 19 – 25 and Proverbs 15 v 1 – 7 #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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