God With Us:

Daily Dose: God With Us: God says “I am with you..” God knows exactly what’s happening in your life and He hears your cry. Lift up your faith in Him. He is able to change your situation and take you out of that horrible pit in Jesus name. Amen. God remembers His own. Those who oppress, hate you, dig a pit for you, they will fall in their own pit. Rise And Shine, God is on your side 😅😅 Laugh at the devil, he lost again ~TG. Genesis 28 v 15; Exodus 3 v 1 – 14; Jeremiah 38 v 1 – 13;1 Peter 3 v 12 and Isaiah 41 v 8 – 20 #NeverAlone #GodWithUs #HeFightsYourBattles #HoldYourPeace #EnjoyYourLife #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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