You Are Safe

Daily Dose: You Are Safe: Imagine yourself cooking: You put your food on fire whether it’s high, medium or low, it’s up to you. You know your food and how best you want it to taste. You don’t leave your food, you keep checking it and adjust the heat to ensure a perfect meal comes out for you and your family. Don’t mind the heat you are experiencing now, I believe God is cooking the best out of you. He is in control and safeguarding you from too much heat, so you don’t get burnt. Are we patient enough, understanding enough, submitting/yielding enough to the perfect will of God for us? ~TG. Genesis 28 v 15; Isaiah 43 v 1-7 and Daniel 3 v 24 – 30 #YouWillComeOut #ICameOutOfFire #GodWithUs #VictoryIsOurs #BeStrong #YouWontGetBurnt #LivingTestimony #GodKnowsWhatHeIsDoing #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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