Daily Dose: Wisdom: King Solomon asked God for wisdom and nothing else. He knew that from Wisdom there would be a birthing of many good things. Wisdom helps us to think, reason, judge, communicate and act righteously. We don’t rush to conclusions, we do not impose things, we study the matter, we measure, we respect others and give them space to breathe, relax and think, above all we pray before we do anything. Wisdom helps us to be at peace, maintain better relationships and to fear God. ~TG. 1 Chronicles 1 v 6 – 13; 1 Kings 3 v 3 – 15; Proverbs 4 v 7 and James 1 v 5 – 8 #Discernment #PeaceMakers #LoveGod #ChoiceOfWords #Kindness #Gentleness #Patience #Understanding #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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