Be Still and Know

Daily Dose: Be Still and Know: When we make noise in the midst of a storm, chaos, we make things worse. It becomes hard to hear or take instructions but when we are still and calm, we think straight and follow instructions which might minimise loss or damage. When you understand who you are, whose you are and whom you are with in any situation, you won’t panic because you know you are God protected. We are safe in the hands of our Loving God. Listen to what He is saying to you in any situation. Amen. ~TG. Psalm 46 and John 10 v 27 – 28 #SecuredInChrist #FearNot #Stability #HearTheVoiceOfGod #StudyTheWord #IAmAChildOfGod #VictoryIsOurs #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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