Never Alone:

Daily Dose: Never Alone: We all have had one or two people who were so close to us but as time went by those people left us or we left them, whether for good or bad reasons, it’s now a history. Things happen in life. Seasons, challenges and people come and go. At times we are left with scars, broken-hearted, feeling lonely and we question God, why me, why is this happening. Everything happens for a reason. The answer is in God, He is always there with us and for us, yet at times we fail to see Him; what He is doing because we are focused on the movements of people and the challenges that come in and out of our lives. Let us turn to Jesus our good Shepherd ~TG. Hear what God says in His Word: Joshua 1 v 9; Isaiah 41 v 9 – 16; Ecclesiastes 3 v 1 – 17; Romans 8 v 31 and 2 Kings 6 v 16 #GodWithYou #LetGoOfThePast #Solace #FocusOnGod #EmbraceYourNowMoment #DailyDose #SeasonOfPraise #Borntoshine

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