Get Back Up

Daily Dose: Get Back Up: In your effort to do good, love and be kind, at times the reward is a slap on your face. Many a times the good works, your sacrifices are rarely acknowledged or appreciated. As the saying goes “It’s difficult to please man” but I’m here to remind you that God sees everything you do. He knows your heart. He will reward you Himself. The very people you have helped are the very people on the forefront to bring you down, because some people forget so easily. When stones are thrown at you instead of gratitude; just get back up and continue to run your good race. Never resign, give up or walk away, continue to do that which is right before God. You are blessed to bless others. The Lord is your strength. Let your light shine ~TG. Genesis 12 v 1 – 3; Luke 17 v 11 – 19; ACTS 20 v 35; Matthew 18 v 3 – 4 and Luke 23 v 34 #DoGood #Forgive #WalkInLove #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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