Water Is Life

Daily Dose: Water Is Life: When we turn on the tap, we expect water to come out as long as the channel is not blocked and the water sources are not dry. Water is life, we all need water to drink – quench our thirst, cook, bath and water our gardens, etc. Your life is a tap that brings out healing waters stored in your heart. There are people out there who are thirsty, hungry and dry and they need someone like you to water them and quench their thirst. Clear any blockages and stay connected to the real source, that won’t run dry. ~TG. Luke 6 v 43 – 49; Proverbs 4 v 20 – 27; John 7 v 37 – 39; Isaiah 44 v 1 – 28; John 4 v 7 – 15 and Revelation 7 v 16 – 17 #LivingWaters #HolySpirit #Fellowship #Love #Serve #Sacrifice #Kindness #Gentleness #BeThereForOthers #Genuine #SeasonOfPraise #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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