You Are Loved:

Daily Dose: You Are Loved: We throw the word β€œlove” around so easily and accompany with β€πŸ’žπŸ’– etc but all this fades away because people’s love is seasonal and conditional but God’s love is unconditional. He loves you just as you are. His love is your fuel that keeps you going forward and up in the midst of opposition, deception, rejection, false accusations, disappointments, false love and any challenges. His love provides, heals, comforts, preserves, forgives, it’s just too much. Embrace the true love of God today. It’s tangible and everlasting. ~TG. Jeremiah 31 v 1 – 14; 2 Chronicles 6 v 14 and 1 John 4 v 7–8 #Agape #ExcessLove #GenuineLove #NoStringsAttached #EverLasting #EverPresent #PerfectLove #Sacrifice

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