Daily Dose: Draining: There are issues and developments in your life and the world around you that are draining you; it’s overwhelming because you are anxious, spending time focused on the negative and wondering “until when, why, how?” The more you stare at the problem, your rivalry and fight on your own, the more you get sucked in and drown. Just shift your eyes and mind away and look unto Jesus your Good Shepherd, He will give you peace, rest, strength and victory over that very thing that overwhelmes you. He has and He is the answer. Only believe. There’s no storm that lasts forever. ~TG. Isaiah 41 v 8 – 21; Psalm 145 v 8 – 21 and Psalm 121 v 1- 8 #Compassionate #Surrender #HeCaresForYou #LookToJesus #Calm #HeFightsForYou #WalkAwayInPeace #Victory #MeditateOnTheWord #GoodNews #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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