Daily Routine

Daily Dose: Daily Routine: In life, we get used to doing things in a certain way and it becomes our routine. If anyone tries to interrupt or bring a change, it becomes a challenge for us. Imagine using your usual road to work, school, church or town and all of a sudden you see ahead that the road is closed and there’s a detour sign. Some will react with frustration and curious to know why the road is closed. At times we discover our strengths, our divine helpers/connections, and see the goodness of the Lord in our lives after going through some unexpected life detours. We are here today, saved as children of God because God interrupted and diverted some of us from our routine plans, desires and ways. Don’t get used to your routine, allow God to search your heart and guide you according to His ways. Amen! ~TG. Exodus 13 v 17 – 18; Exodus 13 v 20 – 22; Isaiah 55 v 8 – 9 and Psalm 37 v 23. #BeOpen #TheWillOfGod #ThereIsAReasonWhy #WayMaker #ItIsForYourGood #Safety #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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