Ask In Faith

Daily Dose: Ask And Wait In Faith: God wants us to exercise our faith in all things. We have to be patient and not get discouraged because of what we see, feel or hear. When we are waiting for a bus, we remain in place, expecting the bus to come, even if it delays we shouldn’t leave. In most cases, the moment we choose to leave and give up, that’s when the bus arrives. How expectant are you? Are you willing to wait in faith? ~TG. James 1 v 2 – 8; 1 John 3 v 22; Isaiah 40 v 31 and Matthew 25 v 1 – 13 #WatchandPray #EndureToTheEnd #DelayIsNotDenial #God’sPreciousTimeIsYourTime #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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