See Beyond

Daily Dose: See Beyond A Stumbling Block: In this world you will have obstacles trying to distract you, intimidate you, stop you and frustrate you. We need to develop sharp eyes that see beyond any obstacles and exercise our God given authority to bring down any strongholds. You might just need to make some adjustments as you navigate through to the other side. It might be a painful process but know that you will get somewhere, just don’t give up. Leap over in (FPP) Faith, Prayer and Praise. God is in it with you. Luke 8 v 22 – 25; Matthew 14 v 22 – 36. (Jesus didn’t allow the absence of a boat to be a limitation for Him to go to the other side. He used His power to defeat the obstacle and walked on water. He is King and Lord of all. He is not limited by anything). Walk over that challenge, you can do it. Amen! ~TG. #SpiritualEyes #ThereIsAWay #GodYourStrength #WayMaker #BreakingTheBoundaries #YouAreAVictor #MoveMountains #AllThingsArePossibleWithGod #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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