Master Key

Daily Dose: Keys, Keys, Keys: As much as we move around with a bunch of keys of different shapes, sizes and colours, only one key is designed to lock or unlock your main door. It doesn’t matter how small it looks, that one key gives you access to your house, otherwise without it, you will get stuck outside. Some keys have never been used but they are hooked up to your bunch. They only add extra weight to your pockets and you have to search through the bunch to get to the right one. It’s time to prune yourself and get rid of unnecessary weight from your life, your heart and mind. Don’t get hooked up with a bunch of useless keys. Focus and only carry that one master key which works for you and gives you access to the most important things in your life. Amen! ~TG. Matthew 11 v 28 – 30; Luke 12 v 22 – 32 and Matthew 16 v 19 #Faith #MainThing #DontOverloadYourself #TakeItEasy #LetOtherThingsGo #Pray #Focus #OneThingAtATime #Pruning #YouAreNotAYesMan #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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