Be Thankful

Daily Dose: Be Thankful: A thankful heart is precious like gold. Who does not like gold? It makes a difference just to say “Thank you”. When it comes from the heart, it brings joy and a desire to do more. It’s a sign of respect, appreciation and acceptance of the gift and the person who helped you in any form of help. Let us teach our young ones to be grateful from a tender age and let us lead by example. Thank you all. God bless you. ~TG. Psalm 100 v 1 – 5; Philippians 4 v 5 – 7; John 11 v 41 and Luke 17 v 11 – 19 #Gratitude #Appreciate #Acknowledge #Honour #Humble #Respectful #Genuine #DailyDose #Borntoshine

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