It’s Only A Cloudy Day

I captured this beautiful photo

Daily Dose: It’s ONLY A Cloudy Day: At times we wake up to a sunny beautiful day but as the day progresses, the clouds form and cover the sun. It does not mean the sun is not there. When the clouds move away, you will enjoy the warmth again. Whatever is clouding, ruining your day it is temporary, the clouds shall move away and you shall see, think clearly and enjoy your sunshine again. ~TG. Ezekiel 34 v 11 – 15; Acts 9 v 18 and 2 Corinthians 4 v 6 – 18 #StayStrong #LookUntoJesus #ItsJustAPassingCloud #DoNotBeDiscouraged #Borntoshine #ITookThisPhotoOn17March2017

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