Choice of Words

Daily Dose: Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Our words come from a library seated deep inside of us. As we speak we portray a clear picture of who we truly are; what we read and what we believe. People are known, remembered or nicknamed based on what and how they speak; bad or good. What is in Your library? Let us continue to pack our library with the right books so that when we speak, we deliver messages of hope, wisdom, grace and peace. ~TG. James 1 v 19 – 26; Proverbs 15 v 1 – 8; Proverbs 10 v 11 – 21 and Joshua 1 v 8. #TheWordOfGod #Read #Build #Uplift #Care #Love #Inspire #Influence #Empathy #Faith #Read #Pray #Intercession #Encourage #Forgive #ChooseWisely #Borntoshine

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