Remain Standing

Daily Dose: Remain Standing: Trees shed off their leaves in due season. All the colourful leaves go; it’s a dry season but the tree remains standing ready for a next season and flourish again. People and possessions come and go. It doesn’t matter how close you were, when a season to go comes, they will leave you. We are in a train, people board in and out at the right station, it’s not the end of your journey. Remain standing, focused on where you are going. Not everything goes into your destiny. A new job, promotion, financial breakthrough, divine helpers are coming, prepare for it. Remember God is with you always. ~TG. Genesis 28 v 15; Joshua 1 v 9 and Psalm 1 v 1 – 6. Amen! #NeverForsaken #GodWithYou #Focus #LetGo #ItsAlright #RemainStanding #SeasonalChange #LetGoAndLetGod #RemberYouAre #Borntoshine

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