One Touch By Jesus

Daily Dose: One Touch By Jesus: There’s healing in the name of Jesus. Miracles happen in His name. Is there anyone sick? l agree with you in prayer for God to touch and heal you and your loved ones who might be sick in Jesus name. Let us all remember to pray for the sick. A touch by Jesus makes us whole. His touch transforms, restores, preserves, provides, resurrects, sets us free and removes pain and shame. Amen! Thank you Jesus. ~TG James 5 v 13 – 20; Matthew 8 v 1 – 3; Matthew 14 v 25 – 33; Mark 7 v 31 – 34; Matthew 9 v 18 – 38 and Matthew 10 v 1. #OnlyBelieve #YouAreHealed #HealingIsYourPortion #JesusIsTheHealer #ByHisStripesYouAreHealed #Borntoshine

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