Change of Seasons

Daily Dose: Change Of Seasons: It’s amazing how weather pattern can change in a day, from cold to hot; hot to cold. We can’t change the pattern but we can adjust and wear the right clothing. Circumstances of life can change unexpectedly. God knows why at times we have to camp by the red sea and why at times we have to march around a city six times then on the seventh day march again, shout and blow a trumpet. He has a plan for every situation, just follow His instructions. Amen ~TG. Exodus 14 v 1 – 4; Exodus 14 v 13 – 30; Joshua 6 v 1 – 5 and Joshua 6 v 12 – 20 #MoreThanConqueror #Overcomer #VictorNotVictim #Winner #ForwardMarch #GodWithYou #Borntoshine

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