Short Sightedness

Daily Dose: Short Sightedness: When was the last time your eyes were checked, are you seeing clearly or everything looks blurry from a distance? It’s time to see the eye specialist. When driving you fix your eyes ahead, and use peripheral vision to see objects around you without turning your head or moving your eyes. When an accident happens, most drivers give excuses that they didn’t see the other car coming or the animal they hit yet their eyes were wide open. Can we see clearly where we are going? Can we see what’s around us? May our spiritual eyes be opened in Jesus name. We don’t want to walk blindly ~TG. 2 Peter 1 v 1 – 21; 2 Peter 2 v 1 – 22 and 2 Peter 3 v 1 – 18 #Wisdom #Knowledge #BeVigilent #SpiritualGrowth #SpiritualEyes #SpiritualSpectacles #Borntoshine

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