You Are A Territorial Commander

Daily Dose: You Are A Territorial Commander: God positioned you to reign in this world, He gave you dominion over everything. Territorial Commanders are responsible, accountable, caring and loving. They lead and move in wisdom without fear. You have a role to play. Be grateful for who you are, what you have and protect what God has given you in Jesus name. Luke 10 v 18 – 20; Genesis 1 v 26 – 31; Joshua 1 v 1 – 11; Jeremiah 1 v 9 – 12. #GodGivenPower #TheWillOfGod #AmbassadorsOfChrist #VictoryGround #KingdomFocused #CommandYourDay #Prayerful #DecreeAndDeclare #TheLordIsMyShepherd #Borntoshine #ICanDoAllThingsThroughChrist

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