Winning By Losing

Daily Dose: Sometimes winning means losing a few things in life. When wind blows, the trees swerve back and forth but they remain rooted deep in the ground. They let to go of some leaves and withered branches knowing in due season, new branches and new leaves will grow and this promotes fruitfulness. Amen. There are certain things we hold on to in life and yet they are of no help, instead they are a burden, slowing us and pulling us down. You know it deep down your heart, the things you need to let go. As the wind blows, allow excess baggage to blow away and set yourself free. Give room for your growth, sanity and improvement and cut off ties from anything that does not add any value in your life. When we received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, some things had to go. It might have seemed like a loss but in a way, we gained our salvation and life in abundance. Amen. Philippians 3 v 1 – 14; John 10 v 10; Ephesians 4 v 22 – 32 and Job 14 v 7 – 9 ~TG #IAmAWinner #IAmSetFree #LetGoAndLetGod #SpreadGoodNewsNotFear #UseYourTimeWisely #Wisdom #Choices #Borntoshine

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