But God…

Daily Dose: But God….
Joseph’s brothers plotted evil against him; they intended to harm him but God turned it for good. No matter the circumstances, God holds the ending. Who has the final say? Jehovah has the final say. People may turn their backs and walk away But God will never leave you nor forsake you. People may have written you off, but God does not write you off; you are special to Him. People’s love fade away But God’s love is perfect, unconditional and unending. Genesis 50 v 15 – 21; 2 Timothy 4 v 9 – 18; Psalm 124 v 1 – 8; 1 Samuel 23 v 14; Psalm 73 v 25 – 26; John 10 v 10 and Romans 8 v 1 – 39. #ButGod #TheLordIsMyStrength #MyDeliverer #MightyWarrior #Resilience #Borntoshine 🙏🙏 ~TG

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