Power Within

Daily Dose: We break an egg because we want something out of it. It doesn’t matter how light the force we use, the egg will break. The same egg when it breaks out from within (hatching) in due season, it brings out life and victory because power from within is life, it’s unstoppable. Breaking from outside causes pain and damage. It takes effort from people or other external forces to break you, to stop you and discourage you. People will break you coz they want something out of you. Circumstances will destroy you no matter how small they might be but you have life and power from the inside to resist the devil and breakforth. Birthing is from within, exercise your faith today in prayer and speak life. Luke 6 v 45, Luke 10 v 19 and Romans 8 v 31 – 39. #breakthrough #ComeOut #dominion #powerwithin #Godprotected #Borntoshine #setmefree ~TG

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