Whom Do You Call For Help?

Daily Dose: Our God is amazing! He has put everything in order for our good. He is reachable and ready to answer us when we call on His name. The lines of prayer are always open for us to communicate with Him. How many times have we tried to reach out to people but failed because they were busy, their phone was off, your number was blocked, your call or message was ignored? There could be a lot of other reasons but I want to remind you that there’s a line that is open for you day and night just reach out to God. He says call unto me and I’ll answer. He has given us access 24/7. Amen. He does not dissappoint us. Call your Father in prayer, He hears you. Exercise your faith today. Have a blessed week family.
Acts 10 v 1 – 4 and Isaiah 65 v 24 and Jeremiah 29 v 12

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