God Knows You By Name

Daily Dose: God knows you by your name. At times people will forget your name and call you by someone else’s name or pronounce your name wrongly. I’ve had people call me Pendayi, Tandayi, Tendaya and at times I’m asked to say my name twice, thrice because ‘the name is ‘hard to say’. I’ve not allowed myself to be offended by that because I know who I am. Some people have changed their names or shortened them so its easier for those who hear. A reminder of how easy it can be for people to change their lifestyle in general only to please others or so they can fit in. Preserve your identity, be you, you are not a number, not a symbol or an outcast; you are precious in the eyes of God. You might have been called by all sorts of names because people didn’t like you, know that God loves you and He calls you His own. Do not be moved by external forces, you are powerful. Isaiah 43 v 1 – 2; John 10 v 3 and Isaiah 49 v 16 #BeYou ##Borntoshine #LovedByGod

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