Strategically Positioned

Daily Dose: Be Strategically Positioned.
Isn’t it a wonder that at times we have to move around looking for a right place with a good signal for us to receive or make calls. Certain places have poor network, calls drop and nothing works until you move to the right place with good signal, otherwise you won’t be able to communicate well. Some will even go to a higher ground (hill) to look for the signals. Location matters. At times when we remain in one place for too long, our lives become stagnant, we become crowded by the same old things and we do not grow. Where are you standing? Move from a place of limitation, change the way you do things and expand your territories. There are a lot of great opportunities when you allow God to order your steps in Jesus name.
Genesis 12 v 1 – 3; Genesis 28 v 10 – 22; Psalm 121 v 1 – 2 and Isaiah 54 v 2
I will look up to the hills, where comes my help. My help comes from the Lord

HearFromGod #Bethel #success #overflow #openheaven #seeclearly #Borntoshine ~TG

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