Empty Yourself and You Shall Be Filled.

Daily Dose: Empty Your Cup:
It is hard to fill a full cup. When we are eating with our families and friends, we always check on each other. The moment a glass or plate is empty, you will be asked if you would like some more. Otherwise everyone will be busy eating and talking. At times we need to be like children and sit down and learn from others. If someone asks you “Are you ok?” It could be that they have noticed something that is missing. Remember we don’t know everything. It’s easy to absorb more information and be transformed when we are in a place of humbleness and brokenness. Empty Yourself and You Shall Be Filled.
Revelations 21 v 5 – 6; Luke 5 v 27 – 32; 2 Kings 4 v 1 – 7; Matthew 5 v 6 and James 4 v 5 – 10. Shalom!
#knowledge #wisdom #humble #obedient #borntoshine

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