Follow The Cloud, Not The Crowd!

Daily Dose: Follow The Cloud, Not The Crowd:
Just because everyone is doing it, everyone is saying it, everyone is going, doesn’t necessarily mean you should join the majority. We should not follow blindly, we should search the matter. It does not harm to ask questions. Learn to say no than to say Yes and regret later. Do not feel pressured just to fit in, you will end up in places or situations you didn’t plan for. Choose to stand out and make your own decisions and be true to yourself. At the end of the day, we are responsible for our own choices and actions. Who is driving you?
Exodus 23 v 1 – 2; Proverbs 14 v 12; Exodus 13 v 21 – 22 and Matthew 7 v 13 – 14. #wisdom #motives #Godswill

answerable #influenced #love #Jesus

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