Times and Seasons!

Daily Dose: On Monday, the city of Canberra was hit by a huge hailstorm. The day was a bit sunny in the morning but by lunch time it was a different story altogether. Amazingly the hailstorm was light in some areas and yet in some areas it was heavy and damaging properties and cars. At my workplace the hailstorm was calm and everything looked beautiful. Later on a friend shared some videos and photos of damaged cars from another town. It was really bad. I felt sorry for those affected. Today we have had fires in some parts of Canberra though being controlled. This is exactly what happens in life, we never know what lies ahead. Let us be kind and reach out to each other in and out of season. The sun is going to rise again. Ecclesiastes 3 v 1; Romans 12 v 15 and Proverbs 27 v 1 #bewatchful #beprayerful #seasons

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