Be STILLIt is so important for any individual to believe in the power of positivity, no matter how tough the situation is. Positive mindset sees a way out of any situation; it empowers you to do the impossible.

Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow. Tony Robbins.

Life is full of ups and downs; at times things do not always go our way or in our favor. No matter what adversity comes your way, you can refuse to allow it to control your life. You have the power to control your situation and emotions and you can use that power to step out of any situation and live the life you want.

Negative mindset usually focuses on complaining, fault-finding, blaming, giving up; the confessions are full of fear, failure and hopelessness. There is no progress and no effort to bring a change. How you interpret and put a meaning in any situation makes the difference.

Negativity is draining, it keeps you focused on the past and you find yourself stagnant or going in circles. You can’t reach for anything new if you are still filled up with yesterday’s failures, regrets, hurts, disappointments, guilt, anger, shame and fear.

I am here to share some useful points to consider as a positive way of dealing with any negative situation or individuals:


  • Live inspired life
  • Find purpose
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Success

Positive Mindset:

A positive mindset has the power and energy to problem-solving. It all starts with you as an individual to bring the change that you want. There is hope for tomorrow as you find a way through the hard times.

  • Find a way to identify and eliminate the root cause of the problem;
  • Learn from mistakes, concentrate on solutions, focusing on key priority areas and map a positive way forward;
  • Be passionate and confident on what you want to accomplish;
  • Develop self-motivation; be open-minded and expand your knowledge by reading relevant literature and learn from positive thinking people;
  • Focus on the present; what’s ahead and what you can achieve and make necessary adjustments;
  • Eliminate self-destructive behaviours such as low self –esteem, blaming self and procrastination;
  • Seek to understand and verify facts on the ground first without being judgemental or jumping to conclusions;
  • Appreciate others and be open to get help from reliable sources and be diplomatic when presenting or negotiating ideas;
  • Be yourself, responsible and accountable for your actions;
  • Love yourself and create time to enjoy life with your loved ones;
  • Love others too and be at peace with yourself and others;
  • Maintain a healthy purpose-filled life and be content with who you are and what you can achieve!

Love never goes wrong. Bebe Angel. (Enjoy Life Now)

 It is up to you as an individual to make new solid and committed decisions in order to break unwanted emotional reactions and patterns. (Unwavering)

You have the ability to turn any past life experiences into positive, empowering move and be able to tell a story that can change other people’s lives. There is a life beyond any challenge and there is no storm that lasts forever. Be resilient, persistent and concentrate on what brings the best out of you.

Most people fail in life because they major in minor things. Tony Robbins.

Take every opportunity to learn from the processes/mistakes and be prepared to adjust accordingly and improve. Positive mindset enables you to discover your inner strength during the trying and disappointing times. Giving up is not an option; it separates the successful and failed people. Every day is a new opportunity, so let go of the past. Dream Big – do not limit yourself.

Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you. Curiano.com






2 thoughts on “POSITIVE MINDSET”

  1. The book LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE by Pst Tendayi is a MUST GET. They was a time in 2016 when I was DOWN , life itself was kinda meaning at some point but; when I finally got hold of my own copy of the book Let Your Light Shine everything changed. The Light in me was reborn. I am VICTORIOUS, I am BLESSED, a WORLD CHANGER , The Light in me is SHINNING – you see ever since I got connected to Pastor Tendayi her transforming messages that empower and inspire have positively impacted me.

    Thank you Pastor Tendayi I now know WHO I AM IN CHRIST JESUS in this Life.

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