The Journey Begins

Uniting communities for a noble cause!

13 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”

  1. Sunshine Tendayi, I call her for she is always available with her broad shoulder to cry on.
    A friend, a sister, a partner and relyable confidante !
    Bone to shine and living to make a difference! Team player with genuine purposeπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

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  2. Keep shinning Ps Tendayi, you were born to be a star. We thank God for your light that is shinning to us. You are indeed a blessing 😘😍

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  3. God knows how I really need these positive words right now. How a wonderful woman of God you are Pastor T you are a blessing for us and God uses you for great things
    Thank you Jesus only can do everything, thank you woman of God love you and keep shining.

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  4. Well done my Pastor you’re such a passionate and inspiring woman of God. All glory to God πŸ™.. What you have written is so powerful and prophetic and that give us such strength like revival. That’s make me realise how life is so beautiful and how we need to keep our mind to focus on the words of God that is life.. May God keeps to enlarge your Territory in all areas you are blessed and may you always be at the head not at the tail and I believe that God will reveal you more grace my Pastor things that you haven’t expected.. Keep shine my Pastor love you

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  5. This is life empowering and enlightening ..From testimonies to lessons and teachings full of wisdom and encouraging words .
    You a very precious woman of God , a wonderful mother and prayer warrior and definitely the best motivational speaker .
    Since the day I first read ” LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE ” my life has never stopped to shine in different aspects of my life and your encouraging words and love to anyone around you even those you have never meet in person but still your life and inspiration is changing generational challenges. Thank you for being that light you talk about, thank you for sharing Godly wisdom and insight.Thank you for being an agent of great impact in the kingdom of God of love . May God enlarge your territory in Jesus name. Love you

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